Problems since the last update

These are not major issues, but I thought I’d mention them. Since the last update:

  1. When I pause a video I often cannot resume it and have to press stop.
  2. There are now problems seeking within videos.
  3. Previously I could FTP to my Vero when my system was in standby mode (red light showing on Vero). Now this won’t work and I have to power on my system to FTP to it.

Thanks for reading.


Sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems.

We’ve had some reports of this, so don’t worry – this will get solved.

The seeking issue is probably related.

The FTP issue is certainly not. Would definitely be good to see some logs to work out what’s going on there.

As you’ve mentioned a red light I assume you have a Vero 4K.
Your previous post history mentions a Vero 4K + however.



Hi Sam,

I still have the digital receipt from 2019 and it says I have the Vero 4K +. It runs via my receiver into my TV. The red light only illuminates when I power off my TV. Doing this clicks off the TV and the receiver simultaneously. The Vero+ red light then comes on. This wasn’t a feature originally. It appeared in an update a few years ago, because I remember noticing it for the first time.


Yep, I’ll start looking into that issue next week, I’m currently busy doing other (not so fun) things :slight_smile: .

That will be CEC. You can disable that suspend option under Settings → Input → Peripherals.

Ahh, it’s not just me then. This was starting to really annoy me. Good to know it’s being looked into.