Problems to connect with PC WIN10 via smaba

Hallo !
Is anybody here who has same problem?
Thanks foradvice
RPI 3 April 2017 update

Have you installed samba from app-store?

Can you access osmc home folder but not shared drives?

9amba is from app store. I have tried more combination. Name of PC, IP adress, Acces with password etc. always i will got connection refused.

I guess it is related to the label of your drive.
Share URL of grab-logs -A

I think problem is not in my PC ( Windows 10). I have tried another system (libre elec) and connect with PC without any problem. Problem is in samba server in OSMC system I think.
It could be nice to develope some page in forum, where can be list of know problem with system osmc. In his case everybody see actuall problems with system.

Feel free to start a “known bug” thread and we are happy to make it sticky so that it is visible.

For you current issue as mentioned please provide URL for grab-logs -A as I assume you are impacted by a bug that crashes samba when upper case letters are in the disk label.
You have two options:

  1. Change the disk label to lower case, the tool to do that depends on the filesystem
  2. edit on OSMC /etc/samba/smb.conf and put a # in front of the line “usershare template share = automount template”

I have check it and i already have line with sign # as you wrote. But nothing happend

Than first step is to provide the log files

I have new info. Is not neccesarry to change name of pc to lower case. In my case PC-Kuchyne. Now i connect with PC (only share disk ofcourse)

  1. “go to file manager”
    2." Add Source"
  2. “Add network location …”
  3. "Choose protocol " windows network (SMB)
  4. " Put server name" In my case “PC-Kuchyne”
    Dont write password and another line
  5. Click to “OK”
    Or instead server name put IP adress “” not more
    and after click you have to write name and password. Not before click. and will be connected.

heureka. Thank you for help and inspiration

sorry for my english