Problems to play some video files

Hi folks,

I’m facing some issues to play some MKV files. These videos starts freezing (but the sound keeps playing without problems).

First I thought this may be related with HDD power, so I set max_usb_current to 1. Didn’t solve the issue. Then I copied all files from HDD to the micro SD (a SanDisk Ultra 32GB UHS-I/Class 10). It didn’t work too. The videos ran with some hiccup and sometimes they like to be in slow motion.

Then I tested these MKV files in my Mac, running on VLC. Everything worked as expected, so I don’t think there are problems with the files.

I have other videos I have in the HDD (some MP4 and AVI files) and they all work fine on rasp. No hiccups at all.

All the videos that I’m having problems have the same properties: 720p, AAC, Blu-ray disc, 16:9, 2.0 and H265 HEVC.

Am I missing some codec?

Thanks in advance!

Since H.256 will be soft decoded, it will never run on the RPI2 without hiccups. Your Mac has more processing power, that’s why those movie files runnning well there. Best you stay with H.264 for the RPI to make sure the movies will be played with hardware acceleration.