Problems with DTS-HD and similar audio tracks

Hi all

Has anybody else experienced problems when streaming material with DTS-HD and similar high-quality audio tracks using passthrough to a qualified receiver?

Often we get no sound, but if I use the left/right arrow buttons to skip to next or previous segments it then suddenly pops up and stays with us for the remainder of the movie/episode; until we pause and it can disappear again. Repeating the above brings the sound back; sometimes after one or two segment skips, sometimes several more.

I guess it’s some kind of hand shake issue, but don’t know what causes it and why it appears to be so erratic in behaviour?


I don’t have a problem with my Denon AVR-X3400. Older and/or lower end units with cirrus chipsets have issues with locking on to audio streams accurately. I have a sherbourn unit that was flaky in that regard but to be fair it is 7 years old. The Denon for the most part is flawless now after the DTS-MA HR issues were resolved last year. If I may ask, what receiver or pre/pro are you connecting to?

I used to have exactly that problem on my old Denon amp, enabling “keep audio device alive” in Kodi’s settings cured it for me.

Cheers for the replies - need to find that setting and test it.
To be honest I have to check when I’m back home to be sure exactly which model we have blushing, but I believe it’s the Pioneer SC-LX83.
It’s definitely not the “latest generation” or even close to it… I love it though :slight_smile:

I have a Pioneer SC-LX57 and it works perfectly for me so hopefully changing the settings as suggested above will cure it for you.

Its in settings/system settings/audio