Problems with h264 hardware acceleration

I have since a long time problems playing movies with h264 hardware acceleration enabled.
Setting to hd and up or always. When playing a video with a few disturbed frames with artefacts
the video stopps at this point. With the previous version Kodi 18.9 the picture freezes for 2 to 3 seconds and
then continued. Now I have upgraded my Vero4k+ to the August update and now the screen gets black
for around 12 seconds until the video continues. Audio is working.
This happens with all kinds of h264 files having few artefacts.
Here is a logfile

My files are stored on hard disc connected via a powered USB hub.
The Vero4k is connected to a Denon AV receiver and a Panasonic OLED.
Thanks for any help.

Can you produce a sample of the file affected?

Does changing Adjust Refresh Rate to ‘Always’ help?


A sample file I have produced.
Changing settings to always didn’t help.
I have tried so many settings nothing helped.

It would be good to get access to this sample.

Hi Sam
Here’s the link to the file

I hope I did it right