Problems with when installing

Hey :sunglasses:

Today I wanted to install the addon for (GitHub - fayer3/ Kodi addon for This addon requires Widevine. When I start the addon it asks me if it should download a Chrome OS to extract the file but this never works.

So I tried to do it manually. Therefor I followed the steps from this tutorial:
Odroid C2 Unable to load shared library 路 Issue #35 路 emilsvennesson/script.module.inputstreamhelper 路 GitHub (I also tried it with the download url for the most recent version:

In both cases the addon finds the file but now it complains with the following error:

An update of Widevine CDM is required to play this content

No I do not know what to do. Does someone else has an idea? Would be great if there is some help :slight_smile:

I run OSMC on the Raspberry Pi 3 and the version is: OSMC Kodi 18.3 Kernel: Linux 4.14.78-2-osmc

I don鈥檛 know your plugin, does it depend on inputstream.helper?

If it does, I would uninstall the zappnt.v, download the latest inputstream.helper zip from github, install that the lastest version of inputstream.helper and then reinsatll your video

@joakim_s thanks for your reply :slight_smile: is an addon for Austrian TV and since I live in Austria this is a very helpful addon.

I鈥檝e installed inputstream.helper and inputstream.adaptive. The strange thing is, that although both addons are installed and have the recent version, I can nowhere find the file Not in /home/osmc/.kodi/cdm nor in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/script.module.inputstreamhelper/cdm.

This is the reason why I tried to extract the lib on my own and place it into the correct folder :thinking:

I鈥檓 a little bit lost and do not know how to move forward with this problem

I opened an issue at the zappn github repo: Problems with 路 Issue #2 路 fayer3/ 路 GitHub probably someone there can help me.

Or maybe someone here knows where to put which

Also it would be great how to test if and if it鈥檚 an issue only with zappn. Is there another addon I could try?

Still searching for a solution? Does someone has a tip what to try out? Thanks