Problems with OSMC and Gert's VGA 666 adapter

does anyone uses a raspberry pi b+ with a gert’s vga adapter?
The bootscreen of osmc uses the full size of my Display, but when its booted up, kodi uses only one quater of my display.
I followed These Instruktions
without changing the gpio pins.
Dpi_mode=16 is the correct one for my display.
I can not change the resulution in kodi, its greyed out, when i use the vga adapter.
Please help me

I believe @popcornmix always shows the resolution as ‘DESKTOP’ now by design.

He may be able to help you here, I do not have a Gert adapter


Thank you, i will ask him…

Currently kodi doesn’t have the ability to query the resolution of the DPI display.
You may be able to work around this by forcing the hdmi resolution to be the same as the dpi resolution.

Please can you tell me how to do that?

Use hdmi_mode and hdmi_group to select the resolution you need.

You mean insted of using dpi_mode and dpi_group?

As well as. You want the dpi and hdmi modes to be the same resolution.

Ok i have tried it with hdmi and dpi mode, only hdmi, only dpi, no Mode selected and many dpi modes… nothing works… you think its a problem with kodi, because the bootscreen of osmc works fine?

I have forgotten to tell you, I am using only the vga Monitor, no hdmi at the same time…

Another info: kodi set the resolution back to 720x480@60hz, eventuell if i force another Mode in my config.txt, I think thats the problem… how do I force the resolution of kodi?

I assume your config.txt look something like:

# Enable DPI LCD and default display
# For 1024x768 60Hz

Try adding:


which hopefully will get kodi detecting the 1024x768 resolution.
If that fails post a debug log.

Thank you very much, it works fine!
Now I Stuck on another problem, I have a touchscreen from this producer
Mine is the accutouch 3000u from elo touch.
there is no driver for arm cores, is there another way to calibrate a touchscreen?
it only Senses nearly the upper left corner.

I’ve managed soldering the Gert VGA and got in working on the Pi 2. The HDMI is not in use anymore. Signal is fine. However after I installed OSMC it switches back to the HDMI port. Does anybody
know how to get the Gert VGA working again after installing OSMC?