Problems with Pi2 and Alpha4 with SSID

I have been using my Pi2 connected to my Dreytek wireless router without issue at work, I have Pi1 running at home with RaspBMC without issue.

I went to swap the Pi1 at home for the Pi2 but now on my home network I cannot get a Wireless connection to either my Linksys or Virgin SuperHub, after some testing I believe the issues is due to my home networks SSID having a SPACE in it.The Pi1 doesnt have this issue but the Pi2 wiht the Offical WiPi or my Draytek USB WiFi

Can anyone confirm that I should be able to have a space?

I have even tried putting the SSID in the PreSeed.Cfg in “” but that doesnt fix the issue.

Well you can do a quick test yourself … change the space with an underscore :smile:
After the test let it know here that the space IS the problem.

what I did was to setup a hot spot without a SPACE and that connected. then recreated a hot spot with a SPACE and that didnt connect. this is time consuming, as I have been re-installing but can I just edit the preseed file in the ROOT directory?

I have also done this now by taking out the SPACES in the SSID on the Linksys router and the Pi2 connects. Putting the SPACES Back now.

OK my conclusion is that OSMC on Pi2 Alpha4 is that SPACES are not allowed in the SSID name. I know that someone will state just change my SSID to have no Spaces, but that means changing all my wireless devices, and believe me with 3 kids thats a lot of devices. So fixing the OSMC would be my preferred route.

Is this the correct place to raise this as an issue Sam?

The fix has already been formulated and will be included in the next build.

wow thanks ActionA is there anything I can do to assist with testing (so I can get my Pi2 running? ;-))

I am guessing that there is no work around for this until the fix ActionA has mentioned. Could I ask when and where I will be able to test this new build? as the last build I can find for Pi2 is still OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20150202.img.gz

When the next build is released. No date specified.