Problems with skipping while playing DVD folder image

I’m playing from a DVD folder image, here. It seems to be very unstable when skipping forward - often the screen goes black and then the video exits (as if I had hit stop).


These logs were captured on my Vero 4K+, which is running 4.9 kernel plus January software update. But I’m seeing the same kind of instability on my Pi 3B which isn’t running anything experimental.

could be related to this reported issue: After the Jan update, it isn’t possible to skip more than 3 seconds, - #10 by Tom_Doyle

It could be, but it sounds different. My video doesn’t freeze, it exits altogether, almost instantly. I’ve also only seen it happen on a DVD rip in folder form, not on MKVs.

The issue looks specific to 4.9 for me.
Can you bring this up again if the next 4.9 release still exhibits this issue?



I’m getting a similar problem on my Raspberry Pi, though (also running OSMC).

Logs from pi:

If it’s a Kodi bug (might be related to the DVDDemux changes), then disabling hardware acceleration should still result in this being a problem. Can you confirm if this is the case?

I was able to get it to crash with hardware acceleration turned off on both boxes.

It probably is related to After the Jan update, it isn’t possible to skip more than 3 seconds, then.

If you could re-produce it with Kodi on Windows, or a non OSMC platform, I’d open an issue there.

It’s not a device I normally use these days, but I am seeing a similar issue on my Nvidia Shield TV, so I guess it must be a Kodi problem.

It would be good to report this upstream so we can fix it properly.