Problems with some content not filling up the screen

I recently received my Vero 4K+ (to replace window based HTPC) and faced an issue similar to another thread on here. Some video content does not fill up the screen and without manual video calibration in Kodi some content goes beyond the screen.
Vero is plugged directly to LG OLED B7A and Kodi gui set to 1080p.
Upon first boot, I noticed some of the content was beyond the tv screen so I checked the “aspect ratio” settings and verified that it is set to auto and “just scan” setting to on. That fixed the initial issue or so I thought.
Then I naturally started playing/testing different types of content. For some of the movies I have, the video started to play with black borders on all sides while other movies played just fine with full width of the screen covered. I checked the resolution and they were all 1080p with top/bottom black bars cropped (e.g. 1920x800). Then I noticed that the movies having issues were all 24fps. No apparent problems with 23.976 or 25fps content.

I checked all the problem files in my old but ever-reliable windows HTPC with Kodi Krypton and no problems at all. Went through the settings on Vero to mimic the settings on HTPC and noticed there were various frame rates to choose from in vero while no such thing on HTPC. On vero had to cycle through each FPS setting and then video-calibrated in Kodi to fix the issue.

I’ve never had to do this video calibration thing ever on the HTPC and setting just scan to on always yielded optimal results but don’t know how to get that on vero without manually calibrating for each FPS setting.

Would appreciate any input…

Does this happen with all videos or just some?
Have you tried selecting the video options during playback and seeing if this helps?


I only did very limited testing. Some of the video files (movies) were 23.97xx, 24 and one was 25 fps. 23.97x and 25 seemed to fill up width just fine while 24 played black on the sides along with the usual top/bottom bars so basically borders on all four sides. Most 24fps files were 1080x800 or 1080x808 and a couple were 720p. Also note that there was no stretching and movies seemed to play in correct AR. I checked vero settings to make sure there was no zoom or anything.

Tested all the problem files in HTPC and they all filled the screen width fine as expected.

Edit: forgot to mention that for the problem files the GUI at the bottom (progress bar/Video controls) matched the video width i.e. there was black space to the sides (left/right) of the gui.

The frame rate shouldn’t matter. OSMC will treat these files the same.

Your HTPC is likely configured differently.
Press on the video icon and you can adjust AR or stretch settings.

Zoom and video calibration won’t be a factor here.

We can get this to work for you – but we need a bit more information.


Please see the edit in the earlier post. It’s not just the video but the GUI too was less than the screen width when playing the problem files.

As for zoom/stretch I verified in both vero and HTPC that none of those settings were being used.

“differently configured” in what regard? What should I look for?

Does your other system run Kodi?

I suspect your issue is:

  • Lack of using 1:1 pixel mapping on TV.
  • Not enabling Stretch or desired setting to achieve what you want during video playback (not Settings) in OSMC.


Yes. As I said it runs Kodi Krypton. Latest stable release.

Setting “Just Scan” to on on LG tv is equivalent to 1:1 pixel mapping. Also, other system is connected to the same tv and there are no such issues…

As for stretching, I’ve never had to do on other systems running Kodi. Also, I don’t see that problem with other files (23.97 or 25) ok vero even though the resolution is same (1920x800) and don’t need to tweak any settings for getting full width playback.

A log might be helpful here.

Please play a file which doesn’t display correctly and then upload logs with debug logging enabled.



I’m traveling over the weekend and don’t have access to vero right now. Is there a way to remotely see/use the GUI to play the file and upload the logs? I can connect to my home network via vpn and ssh to vero but not quite sure how access the GUI…

If I can’t do that then will do so on Monday once I’m back home.

You can install VNC server if you have a VPN access to your network. But I assume it is easier to do locally to also verify TV picture

Yea that makes sense. Will need to visually verify on tv that I’m playing the correct file exhibiting the problem.

If you know how to use SSH, it makes it a lot easier to work out what this issue is.

You can indeed play it over SSH, but if you can’t see the screen, then we can’t guarantee the symptoms are present. It’d be better to resume things when you’re with the display.


Thanks for the quick reply. Will update this post Monday with debug logs.