Problems with UPnP after latest update (September)

I have a Raspberry Pi 2 running OSMC. Earlier this week I was able to play media through UPnP to my Xbox. Last night, kodi prompted me to update and since the update I cannot play anything over UPnP from the Pi 2, either pulling or pushing. My Pi doesn’t even show up as an available device anymore on my Xbox or any other UPnP device. Our other Pi still shows up (it hasn’t been updated in ages) and I’ve confirmed the Pi 2 is connected to the network.
I’ll post logs just as soon as my Pi decides to get its act together and actually upload them…

Silly question, but have you checked that Upnp is still turned on in settings, in case it somehow went back to defaults during the upgrade ?

Yes, I had checked my UPnP settings. I also tried turning them off and on again with no luck.
On a whim, I just checked to see if there was a new update and there was so I installed it. It seems to have sorted out the problem at least for the time being.