Procedure when videos are not playing

Hi all

Sorry if this is inapropriate.

Blade Runner 2049 has not been playing on my updated Vero4k+.

Start the movie -> black screen for a couple of seconds -> back to movie selection.

What’s the usual MO to follow for troubleshooting?

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Logs would help and maybe the media info for the file too.
Did you rip/remux this yourself or did you get this file “another way”.
I’m guessing it’s the file if it’s the only one that gives you this issue.
Look at it’s specs and see if there is something unique about the file compared to other files you have that work.
Is it your only 4K file?
Is it your file with TrueHD and/or Atmos?
Does the file show up if you navigate to it using the file manager?
Does it play on your PC?
Have you tried rebooting the Vero?