Process to determine if there is stable release for Leia V18?

I would like to learn the process for determining if a stable OSMC image has been released for Leia 18. It would be preferable to install a stable Leia image to the rPi. As I see it, there are at least two strategies:

  1. search the download page and hope that it has been updated to the Leia
  2. engage Google with carefully selected search keywords to find either the image or an announcement (in the forums or similar)

As I understand it, test builds are not necessarily stable and that stable implies ‘good enough’ so as to not irritate the ‘better half’ of my relationship.

What keywords are effective for each strategy? I look forward to other (better) alternatives to reach the goal.

There are no stable builds for Kodi Leia as it is still in alpha status.
No images will be produced with Kodi Leia as standard until it reaches its final release.


Greeting Sam. Thanks for the prompt response. All indications I came across indicated no stable rPi Leia release. That being said, I would speculate that at some point in the future a final release will drop and I would like to understand how (a good process) to query Google or other machine resource to determine if this has happened.

When Kodi v18 is released it will be announced on the Kodi website.
We will also make it clear in our release notes which are published monthly on our blog.

There is no stable release of Leia on Pi because Leia itself is still in development.

We do offer 24 hour nightly builds but they are obviously experimental.

Perfect. Thank you for clarifying.

But don’t expect v18 stable to come to OSMC immediately upon the Kodi announcement/release. It usually takes us at the very least, 24hrs to several days to integrate the new Kodi build and sufficiently test to rule out any incidental regressions prior to making it publicly available.