Product shipping issue


I just received my new Vero 5 a few days ago. Was looking forward to getting setup and running but it appears to be faulty out of the gate.

Also doesn’t the front screen suppose to have a plastic strip protection on it as when I opened the box there wasn’t and I had a quick look at the front screen and it appears to be scuffed up.

Not sure what happened here. I was able to reinstall the firmware and got it to bootup properly and am currently configuring it but am somewhat disappointed with the state of the delivered product. I submitted an email to and cc I received responses from but as of the moment have not heard back from anyone from OSMC as I had thought i could have handled this offline. But as i have not heard back from OSMC iI’m posting my concerns here as also directed by the reseller Thanks in advance for any assitance/feedback.

Try or did you just type it wrong here?

I sent it to the correct email address. My post reference to their email was in error. Thanks for catching that.

When did you send the email? I was travelling yesterday and am still catching up on things today.

That plastic can look like it’s not there and be a bit tricky to peel off but it definitely will be on.

I will catch up with emails by tomorrow - alternatively you can put a photo up here.

I sent the email off yesterday. And included a pic as an attachment. I can attempt to up load a pic to this forum as well. What ever is more convenient.

Sorry - had a late flight last night (delayed) and today has been a catchup. I’ll either get to the email tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

Every device is inspected and checked before dispatch. Did your device show other signs of wear or is it just the front?

We had a few complaints about a scuffed front but they all turned out that the plastic simply hadn’t been removed.

Did you receive a warranty card?

@WilliamG reported the same.

Feel free to share the photo here as well if you’d like.


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Please do post a picture!

Ok. I checked the unit again under better light and used an exacto knife and carefully tried edging off the film.
It was hard to locate the edge to peel it but it was found. I was then able to peel it off. With my eyesight it was very difficult for me to clearly see that there was a film attached to the front. Maybe in the future an oversize film strip can be applied to make it easier to see and remove. Sorry for the confusion. The main issue i had was that the unit arrived in an unuseable state until i determined I could download the firmware and install it myself. In that initial state and my eyes appearing to see the front panel was scuffed brought me to think i was dealing with a possible returned/defective unit. As it is I received a unit that couldnt initially boot. A novice may have been stumped or flustered at receiving a unit in this state. I had the where wih all to download and reinstall the firmware. Hope the feedback was useful.

I am delighted to hear that this unit is indeed not damaged and everything is well.

I am wondering if we should pre-peel the tape ever so slightly to make it obvious, but that could give the impression of used / returned

Regarding the software issues you experienced, could you clarify what they were? The initial firmware had some bugs but they should have been resolved by updating.

We will move to a newer release soon as the stock image.

I’ll follow up on your email shortly. You may wish to advise PiShop that the issue is now resolved.

Any issues, let me know.



Many devices now have a tab that helps you peel the film off.

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