Profile Madness!

So previously i ran KODI on a PC without any issues. had 2 separate profiles (mature content and kids) with playlists configured to separate out content. Now i’ve just bought the Vero 4+ and have had issue after issue trying to replicate this setup.

configure the master profile as i like. TV playlists wont display any content while movie playlists work just fine. then i create a 2nd profile for the kids using settings to start that profile from scratch and have separate media sources. I go in, setup that profile as i like, TV playlists still dont work mind. then i log back into the main profile and its all been changed to look and operate as the kids profile.

Please help this is driving me nuts :slight_smile:

Are they both running the same version of Kodi?


they are

You could copy the Kodi userdata over completely, save for guisettings.xml then.


oh i didn’t know that, so it doesn’t matter one is on windows and the other on the Vero? also how? lol

Well I assume you have a way to share files (e.g. Your NAS that you can use to share your media files)

You then can use ssh to copy the file. Alternatively you could use scp to copy the file.

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

Here is a cheatsheet and some tutorials for how to navigate in a Linux shell: Cheatsheets and Tutorials for users new to Linux based operating systems

yeah i’m fine with SSH using putty. ok i’ll give this a shot. is there a known issue though with profiles? just seems extreme solution that i need to copy the working profiles from a windows installation to the Vero to get this to work.

Not to my knowledge

ok the playlist i’ve resolved through trial and error. seemed to that i had to delve through the root folder and select the mount folders from there. copying the profile from my windows 10 working kodi didn’t have the desired effect though as i had to go in and change the profile due to different sources and once i had done that the master profile had replicated that change. Surely it shouldn’t be possible to make a change on one profile and have it make that same change on the master and vice versa?

Unfortunately my knowledge of profiles is a bit limited.
I know that Kodi plan to remove support for it in the near future and re-work it entirely.

just a quick fyi, i’ve managed to resolve the profile issue. had to use different skins for each profile. irritating as this problem isn’t on the windows Kodi release but i can live with it. I hope what ever changes they make in the future allow us to still segregate or protect media from youthful eyes. thanks for your help