Profiles and MySQL

Been thinking ahead to a time when I’m going to need a kids profile on my OSMC boxes.

Found this thread that seems to pretty much cover what it required to set it up on a system with a pre-existing MySQL database.

A couple of questions however, to differentiate between MySQL DBs I see it is required to set a name for each of them in advancedsettings.xml. Is this just arbitrary and will what I call the existing DB have a bearing on it?

Regarding profiles, to save time with all the required settings for each install, can I just create a kids profile and then copy the relevant .xml from my master profile (except sources as these are going to be different) or will this mess things up?

The name is arbitrary. With no name tag Kodi makes/loads a database called MyVideos/MyMusic<number> and with a name tag it makes one called <name tag><number>. That’s it, it just sets the name of the database. You don’t have to set a name tag for the first database as it will get the default name.

That shouldn’t be a problem at all. The only thing worth noting is that if you copy in guisettings.xml for a profile that is loaded this file will not be retained. Thus, either stop Kodi first or make sure that the master profile is the one running before copying that file to the kids profile.

Thanks for that! Will give it a go when I get chance.