Profiles not properly working

OSMC on my RPi3 with one profile runs fine.
But with the master profile (Confluence) and a second profile (Mimic) there are many issues:

-Often when one user logs off or one want to log on, I ged the sad face smiley. After a few seconds the user switch screen comes again, with the second try it is always working.
-Whenever the second user logs off and the first user logs on, the system tries to recreate the Confluence skin shortcuts as if Kodi is started for the first time (small popup with progress bar in upper right corner). After a few seconds it comes with a popup telling that menus could not be created and I could upload a log. However all menues still look fine, nothing changed, it is just unnecessary and annoying that this happens.
-Sometimes the system even switched to debug mode so that I see all the info on the screen about MEM and CPU. I then have to switch it off in the options.

It is not as bad as described here (Profile problem with 2015.09 - 2 - #15 by steeb), as the system does not totally crash, but this is quite annoying if profile switching never works without issues.
I deleted and recreated the profile several times, did not change anything.
I have used exactly the same setup of profiles on my Windows-HTPC before, never had any issues.

I think this should be easily reproducable for others, just add another profile (using the library of the master user) and switch back and forth between them. I hope this can be fixed.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Please see for advice on how to help us help you.

Here are uploaded logs:
What I did after enabling logging:
-Logon with the master profile
-Logoff -> Sad smiley, after some seconds the user selection screen came up
-Logon with the second user
-Logoff -> Sad smiley, after some seconds the user selection screen came up
-Logon with the master profile again.

And here is a second one:
What I did:
-Logon with second user -> sad smiley, after some seconds the user selection screen came up again
-Logon with second user, this time it worked
-Logon with master user
-After a few seconds the top right corner shows progress bar for shortcut creation. After that a popup appears, saying “Menu cannot be created. Install log uploader add-on to provide a debug log.” (in German).

When this happened with another skin that allowed menu customization, this error even reset all my adjusted menus back to default.
I was using the latest version to download, and have updated to 2016.07-1, happens with both versions.
Hope you can fix this, skipping the second profile and working with smart playlists for my kids is not the optimal solution because of the watched status.

Any insights on my logs?
I noticed that the sad face does not always come up, but often. However I can not determine anything I would specifically do that has an affect on this.

Not particularly. If you have both users on Confluence, do you still exhibit a problem?

Yes, the same happens also with Confluence for both users.
Have you tried it for yourself? Just set up a second user and then switch a bit back and forth between the two. You should see a sad smiley and sometimes Kodi wants to recreate all shortcuts for the first user.

Any developer looking into it? Situation has still not changed for me. I am not doing anything special.
I have doubts that anyone would be able with OSMC to set up another profile that shares the database of the primary user and then switch back and forth the different users a few times without experiencing a sad face. It is not reproducable, sometimes it works, sometimes you get the sad face, have to wait until it automatically goes back after a few seconds and then try again.

I looked in to the issue in August and resolved the problem as we had reports from other users the issue was fixed. If you still experience a problem, a log is needed

New to osmc, i try to put in place profile (with separate database), but i get always the sad face.

And i fix it by deleting guisettings.xml of the freshly created profile.

I have same problem, where can I find guisettings.xml of the new profile?

I found it ~/.kodi/userdata/