Programm, add-on for drawing lines (whiteboard)

Hello, I just would like to know if there is somewhere a programm or add-on available which makes possible to draw lines (on a white background) per touchscreen. (multitouch up to 5 finger would be very appreciate).

similar to follow (can only be tested with smartphones, as it needs a touchscreen):

so is very simple…

If that is not available, is there somebody that could program that for me? And what will be the cost?

thank you very much

What’s the context for use - I cannot see it as useful with OSMC normal use, and the link shows me nothing except buttons for reload, back

as mentioned above, you need touchscreen (smartphone) to test it.
Context for use for example whiteboard or just to test touchscreen function. thanks

This seems like something better implemented on Raspbian. I can’t see any use of a whiteboard with Kodi running.

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not very helpful your comment… raspbian is not really a lightweight system for me and it takes much time to boot etc.

To be honest, your request is quite niche and doesn’t make much sense for a htpc. Anyway, on the very page where you go to download raspbian is an option to choose Raspbian Stretch Lite.

I know Lite Version already, but that doesn’t help.

Can somebody give me some hints how to create such a programm/add-on by myself?

Which programm/library to create the GUI?
Whats the basic language? python?
can I do all via SSH / console?
can I test the program with sudo ./testprogramm ? or need I to install it first in OSMC?


Can’t you just install Raspbian and then use one of the standard graphics tools like GIMP? That should do what you want, alternatively if you get a touchscreen working then you may just be able to use that webapp you linked to

? sorry but I’m not looking for alternative solutions away from kodi/osmc…there are enough solutions with other system.
I’m looking specific for kodi/osmc.


Since OSMC does not have X Windows installed, you’d have to install that to use any GUI programs. And writing you own GUI that uses the framebuffer would be complex. Probably C or C++ would be the best choice.

I still say Raspbian is you best bet, but you obviously are dead set against that, so I doubt that you will be able a achieve your goal.

What you want can be done using Qt and LinuxFB.


whats about the xbmcgui?

And writing you own GUI that uses the >framebuffer would be complex.

and how are all the add-ons programmed?! Cannot be so complex as you believe, see also:

Well you found the link that I was going to sent you as on answer to

So now that you have found it we are looking forward to your Whiteboard Addon in the near future.

So now that you have found it we are looking >forward to your Whiteboard Addon in the near >future.

do you think is it feasible with that development tools?