Progress at last

How’s that for weird timing. I’ve been immersed in other projects for over a year and thought I’d check the forum for any status updates on OSMC for ATV1, now that some of my other things are getting closer to completion.
I check the forums the same day Sam posts this update.

Sam, if you need some testing done just PM or email me.

Thanks Sam great news excited to see how it runs. Hope my hardware keeps up with the support hehe. As Spinner said if you need testers please let me know.

I have ended up staying up late again but have made some good progress :slight_smile:

I have now got the boot process running reasonably smoothly. I’ve gone back to the tried and tested embedded kernel using the mach_kernel approach. I had to do a little bit of hacking to make sure that mach_kernel’s build step wasn’t overriding our installer’s initramfs. When I took care of that, I saw OSMC’s familiar installer spring to life on the Apple TV. There is a bug with it though, so installs don’t work properly just yet, but that should be easy to take care of.

Then, I’ll need to update the Windows, Mac and Linux installers to add Apple TV support and we should be golden.

I’m hoping either this week or the next. Will let you know when test builds are ready.



Sam you just made my weekend.

I have three ATVs and two Raspberry Pi units that run my home media. All are still on 13.2 as I’ve been waiting for OSMC to unify all of my installs.

I guess I have time to rebuild my new sql library under 15.x now!

Thank you for all the hard work.


Thanks for all your great work on Raspbmc and now OSMC. Great Job.
I am not well known with Apple but wonder if Apple TV what you now are working on also will solve the airplay issue ow with IOS 9.x and further releases of IOS?

Geat news. I have an Apple TV here in front of me that I was about to install CB2 and 14.2 on but now I’ll wait for you to release something. I’d be happy to be a tester in you need any

Just wanted to say a big thanks from me Sam - looking forward to the new release :smile:

I picked up an ATV1 days before the old project went offline, so was unable to install it. I shall dig the old beast out of the cupboard, install a new HD and await a new release :smile:


I’m using ATV1 to drive a 1080i component display, currently installed with OpenELEC (unofficial) Version: 5.95.5.
I’d be happy to be a tester.

We are getting close. I did some work on the installer in the early hours. This was quite challenging. The way GPT partitions are handled by the kernel is changed, so we have to do quite a lot of work to get the partitioner to work as expected.

The installation now works, and a bootable USB drive is created. Hard disk will need some more work.



amazing news!
i do like my Raspberry Pi2 setup with OSMC, but i keep loving my good old ATV1… for whatever reason :smiley:

thanks for all your work, Sam!

Dug the old ATV1 out in readiness, slapped on a new SSD and loaded the original ATV1 software to check it all works (Which it does :slight_smile: ). Ready to Rock and Roll :smile:
Many thanks again Sam for your hard work - if you need someone to run a virgin install with CrystalHD card then let me know :smiley:



Thanks for all your great work on Raspbmc and now OSMC. Great Job.
**what you now are working on also will solve the airplay issue ow with IOS 9.x and further releases of IOS?****I

Not likely.


Working on the Apple TV is independent of AirPlay development


Good Job Sam, as always. I understand people with a very old Apple TV are happy it can be used for something else but dust eating.

But why is AppleTV1 support important at all? Everyone can buy a RPi2 with better support and more options. With respect I am wondering why you are spending so much time on such an old device that has long been replaced by better and much cheaper devices? What am I missing?


I have spent the last few weeks working several hours a day on Apple TV. It actually means a lot of our planned features such as the Web Browser and PC support have been delayed.

AppleTV users started Crystalbuntu, Raspbmc, and in turn OSMC. I plan to support their devices for as long as I can.

The Raspberry Pi is well supported by OSMC. As such, it’s time to spend a good chunk of time on the Apple TV. Apple TV work also helps me learn more about how to properly develop the x64 port.



Seriously? You post this on the ATV sub forum, hijacking a thread and inviting a flame war.!!!

The ATV is still a valid piece of hardware very capable of running osmc (especially the newer optimised versions).

It’s quite stylish, still looks good and has a nice matching, working remote.

Also not everyone can afford to “upgrade” to the latest “in vogue” hardware platform, and why should they when they are happy with what they have.

because some of us love the atv 1 you tit

Thanks for explaining.
To the rest, act normal. I am not flaming, only asking a question in a completely normal way without showing any disrespect.

Congrats to the ATV1 fans and great to see another example of Sam’s dedication to the OSMC project.

There is no other choice as far as I know, that has component video output. ATV1 is it if you need component video.