Progress during restoration backup

Finally I had a chance testing restoring a backup moving to Raspberry PI2 using OSMC backup. During the backup process there is a progress bar. But when restoring a backup there is nothing! In my case with a backup on NFS share, there was a big gap between screens during the restoration process. So I think there should be a process bar (circle actually) as there is during updating or backing up.

CC @Karnage

Did anything ever come of this? I didn’t see anything more recent, nor could I find any references on Github.

I just tried a restore and this lack of feedback caused me to reboot, thinking nothing happened. Then, I found this thread and realized I should wait longer. It turned out I needed more patience for the popup to select the backup, as well as for the popup to choose what I wanted to restore. Some sort of feedback would be extremely helpful.

Additionally, when I noticed not everything skin-related got restored, I found another thread suggesting I should first switch to the OSMC skin. This resolved the rest of my issues. Any chance of getting a reminder to switch to the default OSMC skin before attempting a restore?

Not particularly – but the next version of My OSMC will likely have an improved backup/restore mechanism


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