Projector recommendations


Looking to buy a projector here in the Uk for a light controlled room. Currently have the Epson EH-TW7400 and LG HU70LS on my shortlist for 4k/HDR films. ANyone have any direct eperince and offer some recomendations, please? My budget is 1500-2000 but could probably strecth up to 2500.


I recommend asking for advice over at AV Forums.


Yeah, I have done but have also seen that a few people here are using PJ with the Vero

I’ve got the Epson TW9400 and love it, at the time i demoed against the jvc dla-n5 which was £6500 at the time and went with the Epson as i felt the price couldn’t justify its performance… You won’t go wrong with the 7400 or 9400 both have great reviews, had mine over 18 months now and it’s great with the vero 4k+.

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