Proper approach to get HDMI-CEC to work

Hi again, I’m the guy who had harddrive issues and kernel panic due to probably filesystem corruptions.
Good news: I reinstalled everything and set it up again and everything works flawlessly. No sad faces, no kernel panics so far.
Ok now I want to take a stab at something that never really worked: Controlling my vero2 via CEC.
My setup:
LG LF5809 TV
Onkyo TX-NR636 AVR

The Problem: If I reboot vero2 the connection works, I can control kodi via CEC using both TV and AVR.
But once I change input on the avr, on the tv or switch off tv and or avr vero seems to loose the connection.
Now controlling kodi doesn’t work anymore and turning CEC off and on on tv,avr and/or in kodi doesn’t seem to help.

Can someone guide my how we could solve this?
I read it could be important to when which device is switched on initially and that you should take them off power completely. Also the hdmi kable used could be of importance and so on…

Also what sort of logs should I provide? Kodi log with debug enabled maybe?
Or does grab-logs -A get all logs including kodi log?

I wouldn’t mind if there was an acceptable alternative to cec for my harmony remote.
Right now I control kodi via infrared which works reliably but I just can’t handle the delay. :weary:
I already optimized all settings on the harmony remote but I want quicker response like cec or rf provides.
Unless there’s some option/setting in osmc to lower the IR delay I’m done with IR.

Well maybe not the answer you want to hear but the way to solve this is buying a non “LG” TV. If you search the forum you will find many threads talking about issues with LG TV’s.

Onkyo and cec has had a number of problems as well.

A workaround could be to put the hdmi cable of the vero directly to the tv and provide a connection to the avr with an optical cable from the tv to the avr.

That way you might be able to reliably controll the vero with the tv remote.

:weary: yeah, I also heard and read that lg sucks.
The TV was a real steal so I bought it.
Which brand would you recommend? Any other than LG? Samsung maybe?
Reminds me that my mum has a Samsung Tv. I’m definitely gonna try vero2 on this tv next time i visit her.

Ok that’s new to me. I figured onkyo is a great avr brand overall. Onkyo and Denon.
Well I can’t afford to change my whole audio,video setup but I’m gonna get rid of the lg tv, overall I’m not happy with it.

Yes I can test this aswell. But it’s kind of inconvinient. I mean I can programm the harmony to do all the right switching of inputs… it’s just one more cable.
Optical port on the avr is already occupied with the sound from cable tv (ARC on TV also doesn’t work reliably).
Given a direct connection from vero to tv would result in cec working reliably: Which cable would I need for sound? Any cable from coaxial to audio jack? Also which jack connector is the right one to use?

Well only experience I have is LG (sucks) and Sony (works).

But to be honest just get a Rf remote/mini keyboard and you have everything you need

I don’t like having dozens of remotes and keyboards lie araound in my living room so I use a harmony.
The cases where I have to type in text are rare, if I have to I use yatse app on my smartphone or tablet.

But yeah, rf is another approach. The vero remote works works really well (except few times it kind of hangs and loops the last input). In terms of response time I think RF is even faster than CEC…
Looking around I found this harmony rf system. Sounds promising to me…
The follow up question would be how to configure RF on vero2…

Edit: Damn, I think it’s just an extender to reach more devices =(…or not…I’m confused.

You may have the receiver in the wrong USB port. Should be in the back one.


I had yeah… don’t know why, I remember already reading this somewhere…:cold_sweat:

I also had some trouble with cec not being reliable. I ended up buyibg a very cheap chinease pc remote with usb ir dongle (acts as hid device) and learned the inputs into my harmony (i use a 600 and a 650, both are reasonable priced and dont have stupid touch controls). For me, this is a great solution

This is the remote i got.

I agree it takes time getting used to. I don’t know which device you own but the vero2 has a IR receiver built in.
…Or do you get a better response time with the IR usb dongle??
@sam_nazarko which IR receiver is in the vero2? And do you think with a decent IR usb dongle the response time could get better?

Vero2 has an rf remote. Not ir.

Edit: scratch that. It has an ir port.

My bad, i’m using a Pi and i didn’t know the vero2 has ir build in.
In that case all you would have to do would be to learn the imputs into a harmony.
Then you could create an Harmony template that has all the inputs you need for using your vero (sound inputs go to your AVR, media inputs to your Vero, picture realted inputs , if needed, to your tv.

Did you even read my initial post?

Sorry this thread was linked in my summary e-mail,
Ans the link brought me to tje post where you mentioned problems using cec. I did not realize, that this was not the first post, so i thought you are just looking for alternatives for cec.

My intentions were good :slight_smile:

No problem, I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at my tv :sweat_smile: