Proper network perfomance out-of-the-box?

Hi. I’ve experienced problems with 4K movies with my Vero 4K. Reading the forums I see that I’m not alone. The solution can be to start editing configuration files in the box. This is not very user friendly. Is it not possible to get the maximum performance without the need for putty? It would be much appreciated.

The problem is usually the network, and depending on the network you have, the fine tuning may apply or not.

What I could think of is the Vero4K Team to provide some preconfigured network profiles.
But so far, it is not available.

And - BTW - most of the time it is not the Vero4k which is the issue, but the data provider (NAS or any other device your movies are on).

I agree with you, some profiles would be nice.
Regarding my situation I know the NAS is not the problem. It’s a Synology DS414 and all my network is gigabit (I know the Vero 4K only has a 100Mb interface). I also have a Popcorn Hour A-500 that plays the 4K content without any problem, but that one doesn’t support HDR. I still like the simplicity and reliability of that box, but HDR really makes a big difference.
So let’s hope the OSMC team will give us an easier way to optimize the network performance.

It would be good to know how you’re connecting to the NAS first.

My NAS is connected to my central Netgear gigabit router. This goes to a gigabit switch behind the TV. On this switch I have the Vero 4K, the PCH a-500, the XBox One S and a USB gigabit adapter.
Usinf this USB adapter on my Surface Pro I get the full 100MB/s+ bandwidth. Also my PCH has nog problem with any of the movies, although of course the HDR movies look bleak.

How are you connecting to the NAS, i.e. protocol?

I am using NFS.

The next update (due shortly) has buffering improvements.
Unfortunately Kodi’s NFS implementation leaves a bit to be desired. We’re improving it, but if you play extremely high bitrate content (i.e. 4K content); then fstab will always be better.

I understand. And I really appreciate the great support you’re giving.
Still, fstab is not that easy for everyone. I tried it according to the how-to in the forum, but trying to use CIFS I couldn’t get a working connection. Probably my mistake, but that just underlines that it’s not that easy for everyone. Thus it would be great if it were possible to get the best networkperformance out of the box or by trying a few profiles. I’ll try again with fstab for now.

I think an wiki or how to fstab nfs would also help a lot of people. Because fstab for nfs was a little bit more tricky to configure. your osmc wiki/how to for fstab/samba is really good and if people follow exactly each step it will run and it‘s not hard to do… Also I found 4K HDR performance is better with nfs compared to smb…

I’ll go ahead to do a write up. NFS is really about the same as SMB/CIFS when mounting via fstab.

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I have to say, you’re quick :grin:
I installed the update that arrived today, and watching some 4K movies it seems all problems are gone for me. Great work guys, thanks a lot.

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You’ll get more from the community (and here I mean Sam & Co.) then from any other Vendor out there.
That is my reason to stick with the boys :smiley: and their products. Because they work, and if something goes wrong, they answer me! and provide fixes.
Best support ever… And on top of that, it is open Source :+1:

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