Proper Settings for HDR and non-HDR TV

Hi. For update 2018-08-2, what would be the proper settings for …

  1. Playing HDR videos on HDR TV?
  2. Playing HDR videos on non-HDR TV?

Do I need to change anything from the default settings to properly display HDR videos on these scenarios?

Thank you!


Would be nice to have some How to set-up my vero 4k to Properly work with my TV guides.

Maybe cover the differences between TV manufacturers and specific settings you have to look for when setting up for best playback results

Considering the thousands of different TV models, I suspect this would be impossible to do. And what about tomorrow when another new model is released?


Well not really There is Sony, LG and Panasonic in the high-end consumer 4K TV market right now. If someone makes a guide on how he set up his top of the line Sony in 2018 people will be able to use that as a reference until Sony majorly reworks their menus. And they don’t do that every year or even every few years.

Edit: Also I bet there are a few specific settings you have to look out for across all models of the same manufacturer.

So like for example

If you have a Sony be sure to do A, B and C if you have a LG C8 pay attention to the following…

I bet it would save you a lot of time in the long run

There are far more manufacturers than that small list. And with new models coming out every month or so, how would you ever keep up. The interface may be similar, but the settings would change model to model. If you look on this forum you will see plenty of this works on my Sony and then it does not work on mine

They may keep the interface similar, but internally they don’t seem to.

What make and model of TV do you have?
Some users may be able to assist you.

Thanks! Sony X70E and Samsung KU6000 Series 6.


Then when you multiply the number of AVRs/soundbars by the number of TVs/projectors it gets crazy.

What would help is if everyone with an issue states in their OP the make/model of all the devices in the chain from OSMC to display so we don’t have to prise it out of them. Then a forum search could find them as well.