Provide cron by default

As of current OSMC (2021-12), the standard UNIX service cron is not installed by default. Otherwise, there might be tools expecting cron to be available. In my OSMC installation the two folder /etc/cron.daily and /etc/cron.hourly are populated by default, but not processed (because cron is not installed).

Of course there is an easy workaround:

apt update
apt install cron

Nevertheless you will avoid user irritation if you provide cron by default.

Regards, Michael

This is a media center. I don’t know why we should need cron on it by default.

It’s in the OSMC App Store. What are you using under cron that you’d expect from a standard installation?

I’m not aware of the OSMC app store.

My point is that there might be tools installed as part of OSMC which (silently) rely on cron, e. g fakertc (I myself even don’t know that program, but it has an entry within /etc/cron.hourly). Or apt which might do some daily housekeeping.

Anyhow I aggree with Smurphy, cron doesn’r make much sense on a mediacenter. But in my installation kodi is installed on a raspberry pi 3 running 24/7 while kodi itself is active only once per week. From that perspective housekeeping tasks are valuable.

It’s only a suggestion to reduce user confusion for those users being accustomed to UNIX. And to them cron is really a standard utility.

Regards, Michael

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