Provide PyCryptodome package for streaming addons

Provide the necessary dependencies as packages to simplify the usage of streaming services.

With the release of Kodi 18 (Leia) it’s finally possible to use streaming services with OSMC.
But since PyCryptodome ( has to be build by the user, the experience is pretty bad (install a lot of build dependencies, build & install via pip and redo everything if a new version is released).

Debian backports provides a package (Debian -- Details of package python-pycryptodome in stretch-backports), but I it seems to be too old (at least it doesn’t work for me).

Therefore I think it would be a huge help, if the necessary dependencies (as far as I know it’s currently only PyCryptodome) were provided by the OSMC team.

This isn’t something we plan to do at this time.
There should be a script on the forums somewhere to simplify this process.


There is a script for it here: is the script.

The only thing extra it does, is download the netflix addon into a folder in osmc home folder.
You can edit it to download the latest pycryptodom / pycryptomex and remove the netflix addon download.