PS3 (wired) USB controller connection with osmc

I’m having issues connecting my wired ps3 remote with osmc.

Running xboxdrv, i see that the remote gets picked up and all the buttons also work. evtest also shows that the /dev/input/event0 is listening.

I’ve tried following this guide: [How-to] Xbox 360 Controller OSMC
And I’ve used config parameters from here for ps3 wired usb:

As I understand OSMC, allows binding the controller via “My osmc->network”, but since I don’t use bluetooth I can’t seem to let osmc know anything about ps3 controller.

Since /dev/input/event0 is there, and running xboxdrv shows all axis and button events in the console, I’m hoping that I can still make it work somehow. The next step would be to try and use it with moonlight to stream a game over the network and use ps3 wired controller.