Pulse-Eight CEC adapter


My Vero 4+ running very well until the latest update, after latest update the CEC function not work anymore.

Here is the error message:
Pulse-Eight CEC adapter
Couldn’t initialise the cec adapter

I’m using the HDMI cable which the Vero 4+ ship with. And the CEC function working well until the last update. And I have keep the box update every time once any update available.

My TV: Panasonic TH49CX700H

Attached logs

Please help to fix it, thanks.

Try to power off the Vero and the TV at the mains for a couple of minutes

Thanks for reply.

I have unplug the power for TV and Vero for few minutes. But still show error when Vero booting up and CEC function not working also.

Try another HDMI cable to rule out an issue with the cable.

Thanks, I tried another one HDMI cable and no problem. Then changed back to original one also work again…no idea what happen but thanks all guys.