PulseAudio - is it still possible?

Hello friends.

Just bought a brand new bluetooth speaker thinking I could send all Kodi audio from the TV to the bluetooth speaker only to realise it’s not as simple as that.

Have Googled around and found this guide; Pulseaudio on the Raspbery Pi | Crazy Audio however it’s written for raspbmc and doesn’t appear to work.

I’m sure someone with a keen Linux background could spot the changes needed to make this work, sadly I’m not that person.

Anyone got any ideas? How does one send audio to a bluetooth speaker?

Thanking you please.

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We are working out Bluetooth and Pulse still, so things are still up in the air

Thanks for your quick response Sam, appreciate it :slight_smile:

any progress on this? thanks!

I have a big interest on this!
Any update?
I’m running OSMC RC3 on RasPi2


It causes too many issues with Kodi for us to pursue it at this time


Sorry to hear that! I guess this means I shouldn’t expect a solution anytime soon, but is this still planned to be integrated?


Not planned for the future