PVR Addon Repo for OSMC?

With Kodi 18 I know Windows and Mac builds now have a separate binary repo for PVR addons, but that, from the Kodi folks at least, that isn’t the case for the various Unix/Android builds. I haven’t looked at the build environment any, so I’m naively wondering what would be required for OSMC to have a binary PVR addon repo as well.

I ask because I needed a new version of the PVR addon for NextPVR, and to get it I had to go ahead and get on the 18.2 OSMC branch. I don’t necessarily mind being out of the edge for a little while, but I’d rather not have to buy a house out here. When the OSMC build of 18.1 ships I’d rather be back on the stable branch, but the only way I can see to do that is if the PVR addon binaries are in their own repo so I can get those updates a bit more quickly.

I will ship latest and greatest PVR addons in 18.1, pending API changes.

Give me a ping after release if you run in to problems.


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If you searched the forums, you would see that the answer is:

When it happens

Point taken :mask: