Pvr client wontload after reboot

though delighted with my 2 new vero 4ks’ there area number of minor issues

whenever the system is rebooted it gives a message ‘cannot load pvr add on’
(that is DVBlink and as I write this I have an impending sense of doom at the expected answer 'nothing to do withus we dont approve or support it;-)

The solution happily is to disable and then reenable the pvr client - Its just a pain doing that and I cant expect the family to know to go into settings down a rabbit hole of menus to find the disable/enable button, should the case arise that the power is switched off when I’m not around


First thing: post your logs:
grab-logs -a

I’m using TVHeadend on Vero4k, and the pvr add on starts up no problem. So maybe it’s a Dvblink add on issue.

I think the logs should show why it’s not starting automatically on boot.

I assume you wanted grab-logs -A
But we may require debug logs


Yes, that’s what I meant :slight_smile:
(I’m on a phone with a flaky internet connection)

thanks @fzinken …!

We do support DVBLink as it’s included with OSMC.

Make sure you’re up to date (My OSMC -> Updates). There were a couple of issues with this addon but I believe that most are resolved now


that’s great Sam
As you can probably tell it’s been a long haul for me changing the house over to Kodi and as a result I’ve experimented with a lot - I’ve found DVBlink reliable enough to pay for it. Having previously run WMC, the WMC server offering was attractive but I blamed it for some pixellated streaming - I also tried myth TV but was always looking for something to ‘pass the wife test’
OSMC is top dog in my humble view even though there are idiosyncracies. The vero 4k is now a dinner party talking point - there’s one in the kitchen and I cant resist pointing out ‘that small box tacked to the back of the screen is a powerful computer’ :slight_smile: Most people’s reaction is ‘Want one’
Now forgive me for an idiot question - how do I upload the log - do I go to myosmc and select upload log or are there other mysterious rituals to perform?

Also a follow on Q unrelated - is bluetooth connectivitygoing to be sorted any time soon? part of my setup is btooth speakers - about the only thing win10 did right was connect to btooth. Mind you I have same problem with the rasbpis.

Hi John,

I understand. We are trying to make OSMC and Kodi much more user friendly, and I understand that things can be a bit daunting if you’ve been used to something else for a long time.

We’re working on making things much more user friendly in the near future.

That’s pretty much it. There’s a bit more information here as well which will help you: How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

Bluetooth is experimental, but can work if you follow the instructions here: [TESTING] Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP). It’s not for the faint of heart however, and I think we can get Bluetooth in a good shape in the next month or so.