PVR IPTV Simple Client just loops


Im trying to watch some iptv using my vero 4k+. I have enabled the PVR IPTV Simple Client and configure it to use my m3u link. When im trying to open the channels it just says PVR manager is starting up and Loading channels from clients in a loop. After a while the system gets unresponsive (ssh works).

logs Ufile.io - 1662063343
removed usr/psw and url for iptv.

How large is the channel list?

Channels 11898, movies 13540, tv shows 3217

Kodi is probably crashing because it’s hitting OOM. You could use a smaller channel list or something like TVHeadend to whittle this down.

ok, thank you @sam_nazarko . @joakim_s is giving some usefull scripts. :slight_smile: