Can’t get the PVR IPTV To work. It seems to be enabled but ‘run’ is greyed out , as is uninstall.

I see one of the dependencies isn’t installed which is probably my problem .

Anyone shed any light on it?

See images

Try again, there were some issues with the update server at the time.


Sadly …all dependencies now installed ok but still can’t uninstall to reinstall and can’t hit ‘run’ as both are greyed out but it does try to run at system startup…

At system startup the PVR Mangager tries to load (I used a bit.ly URL for my M3U playlist which was copy pasted so I know the link is right as I have also tried that bit.ly URL in other apps outside Kodi and it’s fine) … just says starting up 0% and it just circles …

Enabled logging -

Log Uploader in OSMC menu not uploding logs - Kodi Log File Uploader in My Add ons says the log file is too large > 1Mb…

My remote M3U file has something like 7000 entries in it - could that be the issue?

I’m stumped …

** Update **
It does indeed appear to be the M3U entries… I left it updating in the background and it finished… seems to work …

The OSMC log uploader supports up to 10MB.
This should be more than enough to identify issues.

What can I say? It wouldnt upload - I suspect the PVR add-on was consuming resources though as it built it’s m3u channel list…

Gone back to not working now… it all looks fine but it cant get the M3U file I suspect …complete nuisance - anyone recommend any other IPTV add-on for M3U files?

Also they PVR client is now 7.6.10 - can we get this independently or do we need to wait on a new OSMC build (hopefully soon)