PVR IPTV with Raspberry Pi 3 is not available

Hi everybody,
I’m a newbie with Raspberry Pi 3, and I was trying to configure IPTV, so I followed the guides I found on web.
Using Kodi I can’t choose in any way the add-on to enable to use IPTV. I noticed there is a similar post but I didn’t solve the problem. I’ve the last version available of the program.
If it can help, in general use of the program last voice “PVR service” isn’t enabled.
thank you foer your help!

What guides? The only one that matters: http://kodi.wiki/view/PVR

ok. anyway I can’t configure iptv…
Could someone help me?
thank you

My problem seems to be the same:

So, is the solution (if using Raspberry Pi 3), not to use Kodi, but Openelec?

Why not?

No it is not.

I downloaded a pvr client (DVBlink PVR Client), I enabled it.
I didn’t configure it, so that could be the problem (I don’t know how to configure it…). What are the next steps?

For IPTV I think you need the IPTV Simple Client. You can contact your IPTV provider for information about that, I am sure they will have some advice.