PVR Simple Client slow channel switching

I’ve found many topics about this issue, but they all have no useful solution.

Some of them pointing in delay with recieving http header (but if Simple Client is IGMP oriented why is this must be important?).

Some are pointing in that it is an issue with Jarvis and must be ok in Krypton.

I’ve tested this with latest build of OSMC Krypton Beta 5 and with everyday gmc’s build of RPi Testing. With no success. Switching takes about 10 seconds. VLC on PC switching in a moment.

Is there any solution for this issue? In which direction should I move to solve it?

Sounds like a Kodi issue or the PVR client, not OSMC.

This is a Kodi specific issue that you should address there. OSMC has no bearing on your problem.