PVR Widgets on OSMC Skin


That’s what the hide button should look like. I’ll add this to the next update. :+1:t2:
When activating this here for SDTV, the SDTV group is gone when returning to the Live TV section. When you open the context menu…

…and select the Group option, the SDTV channel group is gone:

With the Hide group option not selected in the Group manager, the SDTV group is visible again when selecting the group option in the Live TV context menu.

See the PR: PVR group manager hide option hotfix #37



Thanks for giving it your attention, It’d be interesting to see if the updated version behaves the same…anyway I can try it ?

Edit, I’ll download the zip from github and try it.

Edit2, I can confirm that this has fixed the issue I was having, not sure why you weren’t getting the behaviour I was, but its definitely fixed now…cheers!

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Great to hear that… :slightly_smiling_face: The whole PVR group manager is not entirely intuitive, honestly. But if it at least does what it’s supposed to do after some fiddling, it should be fine. In the end, it’s not something one would configure very often, I presume.



I did what you suggested and removed the skin folder, updated the nightly and I still have the ability to hide/unhide the PVR sections so thanks for that.

If it wasn’t for the PVR widget issue this would definitely be my permanent skin.
I rely on these widgets so much these days im having to use Estuary as the functionality of the widgets on that skin is much better…yet I like the overall appearance of this skin better.



I will be looking into the Leia skin before or around the final release of Kodi v18. I’ll keep your requests in mind and I’ll see what I can do. :+1:t2:

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Cheers bud, its appreciated.

Just to clarify, im not sure the problem is as I first explained.
I thought it was just ordering the last viewed channels backwards, but I think now what its doing is ordering the last viewed channels alphabetically, and not by ‘last viewed’, which is how they appear in estuary.

This is the only widget I have an issue with, as for the recordings one you can select either recent recordings, or recent recordings (reversed)…and these both display as expected.



Hi mate, I found another slight issue and thought id mention it here rather than start a new thread.

Using the TVHeadEnd PVR add-on, there’s a slight issue with episode and season. being displayed when im in the EPG, using your skin it prints some weird string instead of the ‘SxxEyy’ information…which is displayed correctly in the Estuary skin.
Only a minor thing which is probably easy to fix but thought id mention it…

Its the label directly under the Program name, on the bottom bar.



Thanks, I’ll look into it! :+1:t2:



Ive had a quick look at the code and made a fix, happy to make a pull request if I can work out how.



I’ve had a look and it was a bit more to do than just removing a wrong ]… Fixed it and it will be available in the next update :+1:t2: Thanks for pointing me to this! I made some smaller cosmetic adjustments to the PVR views as well.

There was no time to look at the widget issue yet, but it’s on the list. :slightly_smiling_face:



Cheers , I only noticed it because recently my epg provider started including the series and episode numbers in the epg…Id never seen it before.



For v18, we’ve now managed to find a way to introduce a widget that will list recently watched PVR channels in the order that you requested. We’ve provisioned the introduction of that option. But as the required script versions are only available through the beta repository of their maintainer/coder, we can’t implement it just yet.

See this commit: Provisioning addition of more widgets (Git: osmc/skin.osmc)

This will probably be possible latest when Kodi v18 is released. It will also give tons of new widget options that haven’t been possible before. :+1:t2:



No worrys, thanks again for giving it your attention…just to be clear, even though I’m running the leia nightly there’s no way I can test this out?



You could… Remove the commenting out of those lines you see in the commit (SSH into your Vero and navigate to the skin folder: /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.osmc) and install the beta repo of the maintainer of those needed scripts: https://github.com/kodi-community-addons/repository.marcelveldt (install this via Settings/add-on browser/Install from zip file) Then navigate to Settings/Interface/Skin/-Customize skin/Customize Home Menu and install the needed addons.
Afterwards you should find plenty of new widget options when opening the Select widget option in that menu for a home menu entry under Skin helper widgets:

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Excellent thanks…I’ll give this a shot after the football.



It’s probably not in today’s nightly build, but only in tomorrow’s one… @gmc?



Will hopefully be in tonight’s build.



You may test this now with this build: [TESTING] Kodi 18 (Leia) builds for Vero 2 & 4K



The new widgets should be available for normal use (without the hassle of the above instructions) in the next nightly that @gmc will probably push out tomorrow :slight_smile:

EDIT: please, see this nightly release: 17.8-432

It now includes the additional widgets under Settings/Interface/Skin/-Customize skin/Customize Home Menu. There you’ll find the Skin Helper Service Widgets under Manage widgets/Select widget/Standard widgets. If a PVR addon is active, you’ll find a PVR section there as well with one if them being the one you requested, @gb160 :+1:t2:

I’ll mark this as solved for others to easily find the solution for your request :slightly_smiling_face: If there’s anything missing, feel free to ask.



Thanks for taking the time to look at this mate, Ive no way of testing right now as I’m decorating the lounge and everything is packed away.
Hope to be finished by the weekend so when everything’s back up and running i’ll Update the nightly and give it a test.
Thanks again.