Python3 bindings for CEC

I was wondering why osmc is packaging the Python2 version of the libcec bindings. This can be easily changed by patching this line: osmc/ at master · osmc/osmc · GitHub to handle_dep "python3-dev".

It doesn’t seem to be possible to provide both python2 and python3 bindings unfortunately…

Because Kodi is based on Python 2 presently. This can change with Matrix and the move to Python 3.

I see, but Kodi isn’t using these bindings, I don’t think libcec-osmc isn’t even installed by default.

I’ve noticed this since it seems I got an update from Python3.5 to Python3.7 recently on my Vero4K+, and I had manually installed the Python3 bindings myself to the python3.5 dir, and my cec scripts stopped working after an update.

It doesn’t matter that much, I was just wondering.

The libCEC package is indeed installed by default, or Kodi wouldn’t be able to use CEC.
You should still have Python 2.x on your system for now.