[Q] IR Blasting

So I’ve gone and bought myself an XBOX One X for my christmas and have just found out that it will use its internal IR blaster to power on/off my Denon amp. Really impressed it works as the xbox is sitting ontop of the amp!

Anyway, I know that my amp is well too old for CEC (it doesnt even have HDMI ports - all audio is via passthrough on my tv using Toshlink).

So, I was wondering if there is a way of getting Vero to do an IRBlast of the on/off command. Is this possible?


This was discussed just the other day

When we get some free time, I’ll look in to this.


Actually - I do that with the Harmony hub (Logitech).
Even though I don’t like it, it is a universal remote control that can control almost everything, but wants to remain connected to the Internet and phone homes on a regular base.
I don’t trust it for that (Hence locked down all it’s internet connectivity - which makes it behave weird sometimes).