Question about dedicated DVB Dongle and Apple TV


Two questions:

  1. OSMC for Apple TV is based on Linux? I’m asking about this because I would like to have ability to install other soft beside OSMC like I’m using now on RPi2

  2. Does dedicated DVB stck: DVB-T2/DVB-C TV dongle - OSMC can handle DVB-C ?

Yes — OSMC is Linux based and you have apt-get

The dongle does support DVB-C but our Apple TV support is now EOL.



What does it means?

We don’t provide support or updates for the Apple TV anymore

Ok thanks.

Maybe little offtop but… I need second RPi2 for other project. Now I’m using RPi2 with OSMC and I’m VERY satisfied, all working very well, much quicker than on Raspbian with Kodi or even LibreELEC. I have very small quantity of continuity errors in recording stream (DVB-C) compare to Raspbian with Kodi or to LibreELEC.

I thought about AppleTV 2 to replace present configuration RPi2 for TV. Anyone knows how looks performance between RPI2 vs. AppleTV 2 ??? In other words - does AppleTV has the same or better performance like RPi2 to working with OSMC ???

New Apple TV devices can’t run OSMC. If you need 4K / HDR / HD audio consider the Vero 4K.

I’ve only yesterday ordered a vero and a usb tuner to take advantage of my cable plug while I wait for internet to be installed in my new apartment. However I did not realise at the time there was an OSMC stick available. Cold you tell me if the MyGica T230 is supported?

Unfortunately I’ve no idea.
Most DVB tuners do work however.


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