Question about DVB-T2 and using the Vero 4K+ as a recorder

Hi there! I was just wondering if anyone on here has used the Vero 4k+ as a DVR(on it’s own) for use of recording HD Freeview channels in the UK? I haven’t been able to find if the Vero/OSMC supports a USB dual DVB-T2 tuner, and don’t know how it would perform? Thank you.

I guess quite a few people do so using the tvheadend server from the App Store.

Dual Tuners are always troublesome.
Suggest to buy the DVB-T2 tuner from the OSMC store than you are ensured that it works (unless you already have one).

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i have just installed the silicondust duo DVB-T device on the network and successfully integrated with osmc tvheadend. I’m quite fussy with PVR functionality and i’m not really a linux expert and it works like a charm.


Thanks everyone for the replies, I’m a little late saying this :slight_smile: So would using two of the vero dvb-t2 tuners work? Thanks again!

Yes, but you would need a powered USB hub to give them enough power.

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Thanks for your reply!

I guess there’s no out of the box dual tuner which will work with this. Thanks to the community for helping out! :+1:

yes, the Silicondust works.

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@sam_nazarko If you don’t mind me mentioning you, could I ask a few questions? apart from the silcondust, is there any dual tuner usb dvb-t2 that works on the Vero 4k+, and if not, Would I be able to use the Vero tuner stick and a 500gb or 1tb usb hard drive without using a powered hub. Thanks

Not to my knowledge

The drive would need to be externally powered, either from a hub or a power supply.

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Thanks Sam for the reply! So is the hub/power supply required because of using the tuner as well as the portable hard drive, as I did see, some portable hard drives you can get away with the Vero.

It’s the hard drive that would necessitate the need for a powered hub


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Ah right thanks! And just to double check, that’s all kinds of drives by usb, that would require external power?

Yes — that’s our recommendation.

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