Question about extra storage space from microSD or USB


Is there any performance benefit for a Vero 4K(+) if one adds an empty microSD or USB stick? Will the device see it and utilize it as extra storage space to run itself faster, better, etc. ?

I am NOT asking about storing any content locally. In this hypothetical scenario, the SD card or USB stick would be empty or perhaps “formatted” in some way that the Vero4k could utilize it. Perhaps there is a setting that would need to be changed to allow the device to utilize the storage.

Yes, I am aware that putting anything ‘critical’ on removable storage, even unpowered & solid state, poses a risk, if that storage space were removed or if it failed.


You’d need to configure this manually.
The eMMC is likely to be faster than any storage you attach, depending on Vero model


My device is a Vero 4K+. And I suppose it probably has plenty of eMMC. Was just curious. Not trying to create a project for myself or anyone else.

This concept is what made me ask the question.


As you wrote your emmc normally has enough space to store whatever is needed to act as a media center (with the media on a NAS.
Speed wise the emmc will outperfome any USB device.

If you want to add space for media you just can connect any USB device and it will automatically added to OSMC


No, as stated, did NOT want to add media (content) via microSD or USB. Link above explains where the hairbrained idea came from.


Ok, if that is the case. No worries the emmc ist best suited for the needs.