Question about media servers

Hello guys.

I’ve had a search through the help and support posts but can’t find anything that answers my question. Please if there is a topic that covers feel free to post it up. That would be great. I read the plex post but didn’t understand tbh.

Currently running osmc on rpi2. Just bought vero 4k+ and intend on running a media server on the pi.

What do I need on vero and pi to do this. My idea is to download all my wife’s TV shows on the server and link to it from pi so she can one click to all her TV shows.

Appreciate any help and hope to contribute to the forum.

Thanks karl

Your questions should be answered here

Heya dude.

Thanks for the link. I looked in how tos and couldn’t find anything. Only in the wrong forum lol. Cheers @fzinken