Question about Osmc and options

Hi guys, I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a couple of Vero 4k’s.

Coming from an Odroid C2 with Libreelec and an Nvide shield with kodi.

OSMC, I havent been able to find much on what it actually looks like. What my concern is
does it show the most recently added movies and TV Shows?

Also does it have a way to see the different Genres of movies?

I am looking for something that i dont constantly have to be tweaking. Allot of 1080p content , 4k content and 4kHDR. Am I going to run into problems because of the 100mbs on the Vero?

I am using SMB to connect to my Media server will that be ok?

Last question, The Vero comes loaded and ready to go correct? I just need to update it and connect to my Media server?

Looking fwd to Getting them on the Way! Thank you!

Well first of all OSMC installs a standard Kodi which allows you to install what ever Skin you like best. But yes the default (beautiful) OSMC skin also shows recently added movies and TV Shows!

I am not aware of a Genres tag in Kodi!

As it has been said here on the forums several times 100Mbit should be sufficient for 99% of all available content to watch at. If you are unsure check with mediainfo some of your files for average bitrate.

SMB is ok to use while NFS would be more performant. If your NAS also provides NFS capability would recommend to use that. When using SMB you might have to check if fstab based mounts are more performant for you. You might want to read up this thread

Correct, during first boot up the setup and configuration will be finished but other than that no preparation needed.

Genres are part of the metadata that Kodi stores, if you use a scraper that grabs them (and the default scrapers for movies do).

You can also “Tag” content with completely arbitrary text.

Yeah thanks for reminding I mixed the tags up. Than I think the answer to @QualityOf_Picture is that with OSMC skin the genres for Movies can only be used as a filter not a separate category. If you want to use the Genres you would use eg the Estuary skin.

“Genres” is just an entry point into the “Movie” subtree of the “Video Library”. How you display that entry point does depend on the skin, but most skins are really similar in that way. The OSMC skin will let you set “Genres” as a main menu item on the home screen, and you can then configure the sub-menu and widget(s) to match.

Once you click “Genres” and show the list, that’s one place the OSMC skin is more limited, as you can only view as a basic list, and the widget I set up showed on genre at a time. Other skins will let you view in other ways…I like “Panel Low”, as it gives large enough icons plus text, plus still allows me to see a lot of the background or currently playing video.

Just stumbled across this again… It’s true that the genres section currently only has list view.
Could you demonstrate what “Panel Low” is and how it looks like (maybe with a screenshot)?
For future adjustments, ideas are more than welcome for new views! :slightly_smiling_face:

I cut the size in half so it wasn’t as big, but you can get the idea:

You can look at the code for the Titan skin if it’s specific to that skin.

Oh wow that looks beautiful how did you make this look so fancy. I just get a list view of my files on the usb key when I use my vero :thinking:

You have to scrape the information, which will download the posters and backgrounds. I also use Media Center Master to download extra art (like the logo in the upper left).

And, if there isn’t any artwork I like, I’ll create it and upload it so other people can use it.

I’ll bookmark and keep this in mind for future work on the skin (at the moment im busy with other changes). Looks like something that could fit…

Thanks for the info!