Question about osmc branded wifi ac dongle - chipset?

Does anyone know the chipset in this dongle? Also, I have an Edimax 7811utc which is working fine since yesterday, but what is the general consensus regarding this dongle in terms of reliability? Do people have issues with it? I’m thinking of buying a 2nd one for my 2nd OSMC Pi, but I haven’t been running it long enough and wanted to know the latest experiences with this dongle from other users. Thanks!

If the prices are similar, the OSMC one is probably a better bet (based on our plans to support it long term)

Edimax hangs by the thread that is how long we can sustain particular Realtek drivers downstream for. If it works go for it – but long term support is not guaranteed. We are at the mercy of Realtek, but we need to keep moving forward and won’t let driver support keep us grounded, particularly when there are better, long term supported solutions on the market

Hi sam, thanks for the quick response. Can you tell me the chipset in the OSMC dongle? I am just wondering about its compatibility with PCs and Macs in case I ever need it (and if I move my Pi’s to wired connections).

It’s derived from 7610u
It will work on Windows including Windows 10 but not a Mac.

Sorry, one more question. Would you expect other dongles running the 7610u, such as the Tplink archer t2u, do have similar reliability and long term support, or are there other factors? Thanks.

As it is more than just the single chip the support for generic 7610u based chips can not be guaranteed. As you also can see when searching the forum as certain 7610u based chips are currently not working.
So if your target is to have a Dongle that you know will continue to get supported even with future Kernel the OSMC dongle is your best bet.

Indeed – you can buy what you want but obviously we are making no guarantees of compatibility (let alone long term support) for any other dongles.

thanks guys. I’ll buy the osmc wifi ac adapter.

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anyone tried packet injections and monitor mode?