Question about phones audio quality


my VeroV is working great, I am curious about audio quality between headphones output and optical output.
I understand that it is analog vs digital, but what kind of DAC is connected to headphones output?
now I am connected from headphones output to my amplifier but I think about to buy external DAC with optical input.
What do you think? Will i hear a difference? I have very good speakers with amplifier setup.
But maybe DAC on headphones output is good enough.

I am looking forward to answers

It’s built in to the main chip with the following features

  • DAC Path SNR 97dB (A- weighted)
  • DAC Patn THD -86dB at 48kHz Fs
  • Up to -92~ 0dB line output gain
  • Digital soft mute control
  • 24bit D/A, 8K to 96K sampling rate

Difficult to say whether you would hear a better result using S/PDIF. Probably depends how much you spend. I suspect the best sound can actually be obtained with a good USB soundcard which supports asynchronous mode.