Question before I get the Vero 4k plus

Hi guys. I’m planning on getting a Vero 4k plus, but I have some doubts to clarify before I push ahead with the purchase.

Right now my setup is an Intel NUC --> Onkyo TX NR 609 AV receiver --> 1080p Samsung TV. The NUC plays files from my Synology NAS. The plan is to replace the NUC with a Vero as my NUC cannot play HVEC files smoothly. I’m aware that the Vero 4k plus is capable of playing X265 files with no issues, up to a 4K resolution.

My question is that when I use the Vero to play files (mainly MKV HVEC) that have a resolution higher than 1080, will there be issues with the playback, since I’m not too sure if my receiver can process anything higher. The manual says “Incorporates Qdeo™*2 technology for HDMI Video Upscaling (to 4K Compatible)” Also, the HDMI ports are version 1.4 ports if I’m not mistaken. Or will the playback be ok, with me only being able to watch the shows at 1080?

Thank you in advance.

You can play 4K files.
We will send a 1080p signal compatible with your TV and receiver.

Let us know if you have any other questions


Thank you for the very prompt reply! One more question just occurred to me. If my source file has HDR, but my receiver and TV aren’t HDR capable, will there be any issues with the images displayed?

For now – yes.

We will output them as SDR, but tone mapping may be slightly off.
This will be improved in a future update. Tone mapping in newer kernels looks very good, but this is a little bit off yet.


Thank you very much again Sam. Appreciate the prompt support!