Question for everyone: what are your favourite Kodi add-ons?

That’s interesting I’d think that problems with such a basic thing as FF/RW would get ironed out quite fast.

It has been replaced by skip steps as FF/RW like know from VHS times is not trivial in frame based compressed HD streams


I understand that and it’s ok but from my observations addons still use the broken functionality of FF/RW I’d love to know if I can set it up to use skip steps.

But maybe there is a way to set it up to use skip steps because I don’t think people would be recommending the addon if Audio would cut out for them every time the addon does its thing as it does for me

Have you contacted the author of the addon for help? That would be your best bet.

Do you have audio keep alive enabled?

No not that I know of I never enabled it

Well enabling it might help your audio interruption issue

Thanks for this suggestion, despite being a many years Kodi user I had never noticed this setting, D’oh!
Enabling this has cured the one issue I had on my Vero’s which was videos with DTS HD-MA (via my Denon AVR) soundtracks going silent if I paused the video, that is now a past problem after enabling this setting :slight_smile: