{QUESTION} Similar set-up on raspberry pi

Hi. I’m thinking about getting a vero 4k+ to replace my current setup on raspberry pi 3.
My current set-up on raspberry pi 3 is:
-samba server to share the files on my HDD connected to my pi

And, on top of that I use the pi connected to my tv to watch movies and shows.
My question is, can I have the exact same set-up that am I currently having on the vero4k+? I used the AtomicToolkit to install all the software mentioned.

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Yes, OSMC on Vero use same Debian version as on Pi. So if ARM version (which is the case if they run on the pi) of the software exists you can install it on the Vero

thank you! I’m going to look into that.

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That’s fine – the binaries will be compatible; so you can also follow the same instructions for installation. The Vero 4K / 4K + uses an armhf userland; so you can run armv6l and armv7 binaries as you would on Pi.


Thank you so much for the support. I ordered the vero4k+ this afternoon, hopefully gets here fast.
another question? should I use mono or docker to install such software?

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Install them natively (no need to use Docker).