Question to identify view and modify it

hi everyone,

I would like to identify which xml file is controlling the attached view so I could extend the view to start on the left hand size, rather than the middle of the screen. Currently I can’t see the file names. Is there anyone who knows which file is it and what code I should use to change the view? Much appreciated in advance!

Settings-Interface-Configure Skin-Backup/Reset-Debug labels.

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found it, thanks!

The view does show a thumbnail on the left, if available though. The left side is not used for the list for a good reason :wink:

yeah, I don’t need the thumbnail. I would rather see the full filename :slight_smile:

does anyone know how to modify the DialogSelect.xml to remove the thumbnail and push the list to the left? I tried a few random things but it didn’t work :frowning:

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