Questions about NAS setup with Vero 4K+

I have a new Vero4K+ currently with a USB drive attached to it with all my media. I have been considering moving over to a NAS for all my media (plus other needs.)

Would it be important for me to get a NAS that is able to transcode video, or should I just set up a network drive on the NAS and let the Vero play the media files? I’m just curious as to what setup makes the most sense so that I don’t run into performance issues.

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Kodi/OSMC does all the playback, so all you need is a file share. If you think you might at some point get another Vero 4K+, you might look for one that can run something like MariaDB so you can have a shared library too. In my experience, NFS tends to be the best choice for network shares, so a NAS that supports that would be a plus. But SMB will probably be OK for most things.

Thanks for the info! What is the advantage of NFS over Samba for this use case? I will have Windows machines accessing the share as well, and from a brief Google search it seems that Samba might be better for that reason.

NFS will give you better performance but Samba should suffice.


If you’re looking at commercial NAS solutions (like Synology, QNAP, etc), most of them let you do both SMB and NFS at the same time. But as Sam said, if you want to keep it simple, SMB will likely be fine.

If you are using a 4K+ and all devices in your network are connected via gigabit, there should be no difference between Samba and NFS for playback. Even the highest bitrate test videos will only be about 20% of your max network bandwidth, which Samba can do just fine.

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